The supplement industry is flooded with lookalikes and copycats, but you need to stand out to survive. Using our manufacturing partners we will pin down that game-changing, ingredient-driven formula, that’s both saleable and underrepresented in the marketplace. We’ll also give you the logistics to tap into that niche, underserved market where your product can thrive..

We will utilize our relationships with just the right vendors, testers, researchers and manufacturers to turn your work into a finished product that’s not just ready to market and sell, it’s ready turn heads.



There’s a line from the 2007 branding documentary “Helvetica” that says, “You are always a child of your time.” What does this mean for your product? It means that your perspective usually only shows you half the picture. The other half is a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of fickle consumer trends and unseen market forces that require a crystal ball to keep pace. That, or a whip-smart team of creative culture junkies and brand hawks. One of our trusted partners has the latter covered.

Don’t just put your product out there as a one-dimensional commodity, wholly subject to the winds of marketplace change. Take control of its success with bottom-line thinking and category-defining brand development, because great creative means great business.



Some tasks should always be left to the professionals: legal representation, drilling cavities, unclogging plumbing, and compiling indications and disclaimers for your product label. Head to your preferred internet browser for the first three; we will help you take care of the fourth.

There’s nothing glamorous about supplement and nutritional facts, ingredients lists, allergy notices, trademarks, and usage direction. It is, however, absolutely essential and the margin for error is practically nonexistent, so leave it to the professionals. We’ll make the right connection for you.